Xylokastro, in the vinicity of the alpine Trikala, and its touristic activity all year long can afford numerous types of daily escapes and adventoures.

Mountain trails with modern signage across Zireia for hiking enthusiasts


Magnificent caves (Caves of Mercury in Trikala - Cave of the Lakes in Kalvrita) for the adventurous ones.


Dozens of monasteries and churches scattered in the mountains of Zireia and across the beautiful plateau of Feneos. Mountain lakes, water sources, shelters are some of the beauties waiting to be discovered by nature lovers at distances up to 2, at most, hours from Xylokastro.


Especially during summer months, the opportunities offered are diverse and rich. We are always more than happy to help you plan day trips such as cruises to the Saronic Gulf, crossing the Corinthian Canal with a boat, or sailing to the scenic Galaxidi just across Xylokastro. (on request) 

For History lovers, cozy Xilokastro can offer several possibilities.


Mycenae and ancient Epidaurus with its world famous theater and its beautiful museum, are both city-states of ancient Greece; famous birthplaces of the Mycenaean civilization and of immense cultural contribution, in a distance of less than two hours away, waiting to be explored.


Ancient Olympia and Delphi which according to our ancestors was the center of the known world back to the past, are both day-trip destinations but require good planning, because of the distance.


Finally, for those who love the ancientand always timeless, God Dionysos in the region and in particular in the mountainous area of Nemea, will discover the descendants of Fliasiou wine: world famous red wines of Nemea.

We are more than glad, if you wish, to plan for you a visiting-tour at the most famous cellars, where not only will you be able to taste great flavors and smell great scents, but also get to know the ancient rituas of wine production. Definitely a memorable experience.