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Since 1919, when Xylokastro was defined as a place of summer residence for foreign guests of the Greek government, the picturesque seaside village, evolved over the years into a modern resort. The decade of 60s-70s was the golden period, while Xylokastro was advertised as a special holiday destination to all tourist ports of Europe for a 6-month touristic season.


Today Xylokastro is a modern town and an important touristic destination that managed to harness its significant geographical position, that nature generously endowed it with: beautiful beaches and the only protected coastal pine forest: Pefkias.

Pefkias: "The green seashore of our country'' according to Kostas Karyotakis and ''Pefkias of myrrh'' for Angelos Sikelianos, who built his Villa at the side of the forest in the area of Sikia, is one of the fewest coastal pine forests of our country, probably the only surviving within the limits of settlement which spread rapidly. 

Xylokastro's gem of unique beauty is not just a pine forest, but also the town's botanic garden, with 83 different plant species registered, accommodating  20 different bird's species and hundreds of different insects creating a complex ecosystem!


In an area of approximately 1.800 meters, amazing colours emerge through tree barks, peeking through bushes with the bluest Corinthian water in the background, sometimes calmly caressing the plant's roots, and sometimes, during winter months, furious with foaming waves, bathing the old pine trunks: a composition that only nature's palette can create.


Throughout Pefkias, there is a big path ideal for charming walks and biking, linking the east part of the town with the commercial and touristic centre, through the coastal walkway and cycling path extended to the western edge of Xylokastro. 



Along the pine forest lies the coastline of the Corinthian Gulf with its pristine waters which have been awarded with blue flags numerous times. Pefkias beach is only a few meters away from Hotel Miramare. Situated just 200 meters through the forest you will find touristic cafés with parasols, sunbeds, tables and chairs where you may enjoy beverages and food literally next to the sea waves.

At the eastern part of Pefkias you can find Sikia (the next village), where you may combine your swim with a tasty lunch, or enjoy a dinner next to the moonlight sea reflections. There are many options of taverns across the coast.

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